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Wet n Wild HAUL!! And REVIEW!


Brace yourself, it’s gonna be a long one!

I bought LOTS from wet n wild one night after a few too many glasses of wine. Zero regrets.

First up, the Ultimate Brow Highlighter


For a whopping $3.99, this product DELIVERS! I remember when the Benefit high brow glow pencil first came out it was a serious disappointment. Anyone remember? It was like 3 years ago that I bought it and I remember it being so chalky and didn’t blend well at. all. And I was pissed that I paid like $20 for it! But this one blends SO well! It’s so creamy and has such a great sheen to it. I just love the finishing touch it adds to my face. I have yet to sharpen it (I just got it) so I hope it sharpens well and doesn’t end up breaking off a ton of product. Does that happen to anyone else or is just me?! Overall, this product rules. Will definitely repurchase.

Color Icon Lip Gloss in the shade “Raised on Good Corals”


This was only $1.99 and it has about that same pigmentation. I mean really I don’t know what kind of pigmentation I was expecting with a lip gloss but I thought it would be more than this actual gives. It’s pretty sheen. I think I will only reach for this if I want to add a little more umph to my lipstick. I probably wouldn’t repurchase.

Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner in the shade “Trim with Lace”


I knew what I was going to get with this one. I’ve bought plenty of many of tubes of their liquid liner in black. I love it. And I had been wanting a white liquid liner to do a mod look – like a double wing look where the white looks like it outlines the black wing. I haven’t actually used this product yet but the swatch is pretty opaque and that’s perfect. More than likely will repurchase. Oh, and this is normally $3.99 but I bought it on sale for $1.99

Brushes. I bought two of their brushes. The blush brush and the flat top brush

Honestly, both are a disappointment which sucks because I thought they were going to be so great! I don’t know why I hadn’t tried any of their brushes before but from what I’ve heard their eye brushes are awesome so I assumed their face brushes would be just as great. I was wrong. The blush brush is just so flimsy and just essentially does nothing. See how fluffy it looks in the photo? Yeah, it does not look like that IRL. It is like as pancaked as a highlighter brush. And I can’t even use this as a highlighter brush because it’s too damn flimsy! And same with the flat top brush. Too flimsy. This brush would be so awesome if it was more dense. Instead, this is just soaks up all your foundation and just spreads it around so streaky on your face. Would not repurchase. Both were $2.99.

Illumi-Naughty Highlighting and Concealing Pen in the shade “I-Vory Into you”


First, let’s take a second to appreciate both the product name and the shade name. I love how wet n wild names things. Okay so this product runs you $4.99. Which, I was kinda like ehhh really? That seems kinda high for wet n wild considering there isn’t all that much product in this little tube. But I was pleasantly surprised with it’s quality! It doesn’t have the best coverage but it definitely highlights and I LOVE the shade. If I have one of those days where my bags are extra dark I just conceal a bit first and then put this over top of it. Another plus, no creasing!! Would DEFINITELY repurchase!

Then I bought, the Color Icon Eye Shadow Single in the shade “Nutty”


Oh. My. God. This stuff. Holy cow. So GOOD!! I seriously don’t know how I had never tried their single shadows before but omg  I am definitely going to be buying more! As if I don’t have enough brown shadows, I bought the shade “Nutty.” It blends so well and is so creamy and pigmented. The formula is absolutely bangin’. I am beyond impressed with the quality of this $0.99 shadow! Like, what? How? I can’t even comprehend. Will absolutely repurchase.

Then I bought the Megaglo Highlighting Powder in the shade “Precious Petals”


This product costs $3.99. So, very affordable. And its a great product too! It’s not just glitter – its an actual glow. I hate how so many brands call their products ‘highlighters’ when they’re really just a patch of glitter on your face. I also love that this isn’t so white on the skin. It is very flattering, natural, and tasteful. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this crazy highlighter trend needs to stop. But this highlighter isn’t crazy like that. It adds that perfect subtle glow that ties your whole makeup look together. Repurchase, for sure.

Next up, the Color Icon Eye Shadow Palette in “The Naked Truth”


Again with the nudes and browns, paige. Anyways, this whole palette will cost you $3.99. Like, what?! That’s so cheap!! The swatches are so great, they blend so well, and the consistency is so creamy and soft. I have used this every day since I have gotten in. I would definitely recommend this and I would definitely repurchase. The only negative thing I have to say is, I wish they had more of these little palettes with some more wearable shades. The other palettes are a little…much for me.

and FINALLY, the nail polishes. I bought six 😀

from left to right: R-U-Free 2 Dance, I Dream of Jean Genie, Breeze on By, Lay Out in Lavender, Love Fest, and Kiss My Mints

Their Mega Last polishes are my favorite polishes ever. Of all time. They never disappoint. These are normally $1.99 but a few of them (the limited edition summer ones) I got on sale for $0.99. I haven’t had a chance to try all of them but the ones I have tried I love! I know that I will love all the other ones. I have never bought a nail polish by them and have been disappointed. And SURPRISINGLY the colors are better in person than they are in the photos! Oh, and my dumbass bought a color that I already own – Kiss My Mints. Whoops. Thanks, wine. I’ve done this TWICE with this same color so now I have 3 Kiss My Mints -____- 

So that’s all that I bought. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchases. And I got all of this for $35!!!! That’s IT! Thanks for sticking around if you actually made it to the end here! I know it was so long. I hope this was helpful. Let me know down below what you think 🙂




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