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November Ipsy


Is it embarrassing to say that one of the highlights of my months is getting my Ipsy bag? Meh. I said it. And it’s true; I get wayyy too excited for my bags each month.

I re-did my profile last month because I felt like I had been getting some blah products in my bags the past few months. Lately they had been sending me a lot of moisturizers and terrible lip colors. And by terrible lip colors I just mean colors I would never wear. My lips are too small to go with any daring lip colors.

Anyways. I would rate this month’s bag as a 7 out of 10. I got a lip color I am not too excited about and I received another facial cream. And a mascara. I feel like I get mascara each month so that’s getting kind of old. merp.


BUT! I did get a makeup brush and I love love love getting brushes in my bags! I received the SLMissGlam W20 Angled Eye Brush. I was actually just thinking yesterday that I needed one of these in my collection. And I was baffled that I didn’t have one in the first place?! But this brush is wonderful. It’s so soft and blends out my shadows so well. It’s perfect for getting into those really deep parts of your eye. I love the colors of this bush [not like that even adds to the performance of the bush but whateva] and I love even more that this brand is cruelty free! Very happy to add this brush to my collection.


Next. Mad Lash Mascara by theBalm. Now, I love theBalm. Aside from their adorable packaging, heir products are great too. But to me, mascara is not something that I would splurge on. I feel like the drugstore mascaras are just as good [sometimes better] than a higher end mascara. Now, this mascara is good but I just don’t see myself ever wanting to go out and buy this for $18.


Now for the not-so-great lipstick. Absolute New York Matte Stick in the shade NFA52 Dark Red. I don’t know what it is but I just absolutely loathe red lips on me. I’ve tried them every which way possible and I just can’t get down with how it looks on me. I’ve heard people say “everyone can wear a red lip!” Nope. Not me. But let’s stop talking about the shade and talk about the formula of this product. Overall it’s a pretty great formula. It doesn’t feel drying and  has a pretty good consistency of pigmentation. I would definitely recommend this to a friend who loves a matte lip. According to their website, this product will cost you about $5.99 and they have a bunch of different shades to chose from! I’d be interested to try out some of these other shades. Look out! There might be another haul post coming soon!


Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine CreamYou too can have this for just $128.00! I’m sorry…$128 face cream??!!? I’ll use this little sample I received but I will NEVER buy a face cream that costs this much. Why so esspensive? Was it made by angels? Yeah it’s moisturizing and leaves your skin feeling uber soft but I don’t think any face cream is worth $128. 


And finally, Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja Oil. A full size bottle of this costs $48. A little too high in my opinion for a bottle of oil. 

Despite my complaints in this post, I really am satisfied with Ipsy overall. Next month should be a better bag because my preferences will be updated – I assume I did my profile after the products had been chosen for me.

What did y’all get in you Ipsy this month? Let me know down below!  



2 thoughts on “November Ipsy

  1. I would have loved that brush or the lipstick! I would never ever pay $128 for a face cream!! That’s crazy! I really dislike getting tiny bottles of expensive face products because I’ll never buy them and the bottle is too small to honestly test out the product. But for $10 this looks like a good bag! Xo Cleia


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