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Sephora Play! – November 2016


Disclaimer: This will probably be my last blog post on my Sephora Play! bags. I love writing these but there are just so many of the same posts about these bags that it all just becomes redundant and gets lost in translation. I’ll still continue to do my monthly Ipsy posts since no one bag is the same but just no more Play! bag posts. I’m trying to spice up my blog a bit more!

But I digress. 

This months Play! bag theme was “Best In Glow” It featured 5 products to help brighten and illuminate your complexion. And they also included a bonus fragrance. 

What was in the bag:

  1. GlamGlow YouthMud Mask  [full-size retail: $69.00]
  2. Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss [full-size retail $12.00]
  3. Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet [full-size retail: $39.00]
  4. CoverFX Illuminating Primer [full-size retail: $38.00]
  5. Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour [full-size retail: $29.00]
  6. Stella McCartney “Pop” Perfume [full-size retail: $72.00]

1. The first thing that caught my eye was the mask. I had been wanting to try a GlamGlow mask for some time now. And it did not disappoint! It smells wonderful and has the perfect amount of tingle. After the mask dries, you wet your hands and exfoliate your skin with the dried mask; then rinse. I like this mask but I can’t see myself wanting to pay $69.00 for a mask. 

2. Now onto the lip gloss… It really reminds me of middle school – and that is not a time period I would like to revisit makeup wise. It’s just so thick and sheen and just makes me feel like a child when I put it on. Like I’m pretending to wear makeup or something? Idk – it’s just not my cup of tea. 

3. And the moisturizer – I really do love the moisturizer. I have only used it twice but I love how light yet moisturizing it feels. It makes your skin feel perfectly balanced – not too thick and not too thin. Juuuuust right. And it smells pretty good too! I would probably purchase this. It’s a bit pricey for me but if I had some extra dough I would probably be willing to spend my money on this. 

4. The primer. I had heard lots about this brand but I just have never tried it. I’m more of a drugstore makeup gal. So I was really excited to try this. I used it this morning underneath my makeup and honestly, I was not that blown away. I really thought this was going to be similar to the Becca primer [which I think it’s supposed to be] but it just didn’t have the same illuminating effects. It’s a  nice primer but if you’re looking for extra glowy skin, I would recommend the Becca primer over this one. 

5. And the eye shadow stick – I have so many eye shadow sticks like this exact. same. shade. This shade by Laura Mercier is called “sugar frost.” It’s a pretty shade but I’m just really not a fan of eye shadow sticks. I find them hard to work with and I just don’t really care for cream based shadows. And the pigmentation is pretty sheen. Like as you blend it out, you kind of lose the color and it just ends up being some added shimmer. Which is fine if that’s the look your’re going for. But, I doubt I’ll ever use this.

6. Lastly, the fragrance. This actually smells really good. It’s very crisp and clean – not like crisp like an apple but crisp like it smells fresh. It’s a light perfume so it’s not overbearing and it wears off pretty quickly during the day. I’ll use this sample but I don’t see myself going out to purchase a full size version. 

Overall, I’d rate this months bag as  4 out of 10. There were more products I was just meh about rather than excited for.

How did y’all like your bags??



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