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Hank’s November BARK BOX


Why do I find it so funny to see Hank’s monthly bark box addressed to him?! It’s way too cute 🙂

Obviously I had heard about Bark Box but I just never bought it because I thought it was a little pricey. When I moved down to Mississippi, one of the guys on Ian’s team raved about how great it was so Ian decided he wanted to get a subscription for Hank.

He signed him up for 6 months as a medium sized dog which I think makes each box $20 or so. In case you’re wondering, Hank is a 59 pound mutt. When I rescued him they told me he was black lab and husky mixed. I think he is more collie than husky. I see lab, collie, husky, and shepherd in him. He’s just a jack of all trades!

waiting patiently for dinner.

Back to the box, the November box was his second box.


This months box was awesome! It was decorated with some cute Thanksgiving paper and included 2 big toys, 2 full size bags of dog treats, 2 turkey sticks, and an extra set of poop bags. Worth way more than $20 worth!!

Actually, let’s break it down price wise.

According to their website, these are the prices of the products included:

  • Woof Stix Turkey: $3.00
  • Beefy Brisket Treats: $6.00
  • Turkey Droolers: $5.00
  • Nana’s Leftover Sammy: $10.00
  • Pepper’s Pumpkin Pie: $8.00
  • Bark & Co Single Roll Poop Bag: $2.00

Total: $34.00

Pretty good box, right?! I love getting these boxes for him – we never have to worry about buying treats or new toys! And it’s so fun to see him playing and enjoying his new toys. He is just the cutest. I am way too obsessed with him!!

Does anyone else do Bark Box? What’s your experience like?



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