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Blog re-vamp, about me, and life update…

I started this blog a while ago and have basically been really flaky with staying consistent. At first I was posting frequently and then I just slowly started slacking off and then before I knew it, it had been MONTHS that I hadn’t posted. Then I would post a few more things somewhat consistently and then fall off the face of the earth again. I want to stop that trend.

To be honest, I am not all that tech-savvy so I struggle to create visually appealing posts/photos [feel free to step in and offer some pointers!] I don’t have a fancy camera and I don’t have fancy equipment but I am trying to get better at this. But this is a reason why I sometimes feel discouraged when creating posts.

But there’s no better time than now since I’ve got plenty of time on my hands. You see, I am a southern girl living in an unfamiliar Illinois with very few friends [it’s hard to meet people!]. My fiance is in the navy and works as a drill instructor and has to work the most ridiculous hours ever. People don’t believe me when I say he goes in to work at 5am and doesn’t get home until 10pm and works 7 days a week…trust me, I WISH I was making that up.


Alright, enough negativity. I’d like to share some good news with…the two people who may actually read this haha. Exactly one month ago today I got engaged!!! I am still on cloud nine 😀 Even though our wedding date is a little more than a year away, I have done a few things planning wise and I thought wedding planning would be some great content for me to write about here. I am planning a destination wedding and doing it on a dime! I would love to share how I am managing to save money while still having the wedding of my dreams. And please, if any of y’all have some pointers and tips to share for a budget conscious wedding, send them my way!


So along with wedding planning, I am also trying to get my ass in shape! I want to be nicely toned for my wedding and not just “skinny fat” – which is what I feel I am now. For 3 weeks now I have been eating really well, working out 5 days a week, and not drinking!!! Wine is the hardest to give up. But, I am so motivated to look good in my dress and wine is just going to hinder my process so I am doing my best to resist. Originally I said I was going to not drink for a month but I might see how much longer I can go. I will say that I feel fantastic! I am so much more energized, my mood is boosted, and my skin is reaping some rewards as well!

Well, I think that’s enough rambling for now 😉 thanks for reading!


paige marie


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