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Pizza Dough – Perfect Pizza Every Time – EASY!!

This recipe is very simple. You only need a few ingredients and you more than likely have all of them lying around – except the yeast. That’s usually something that’s not kept on hand unless you intend on making some sort of bread. We love to make our own pizza. Pizza and wine is one of our… Continue reading Pizza Dough – Perfect Pizza Every Time – EASY!!

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A Day in the Life….food, fitness, and my fur baby

Today is my ‘rest’ day but I started off my day with a morning run [just 1 mile]. I could not sleep and was just laying in bed for hours so I figured, ‘why not go for a light jog?’ Then I followed my run up with a yummy green drink! It hit the spot. Then I showered and got… Continue reading A Day in the Life….food, fitness, and my fur baby

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[Healthy-ish] Seafood Salad

This is one of my favorite Go-To recipes. It’s so easy to throw together, requires minimal ingredients/work/cleanup, and its inexpensive! Oh, and so good! What you need: 1 package imitation crab meat [I get the flake style so it’s easier to mix and bite size but any will work fine!] 1/3 cup mayo 1/4 to… Continue reading [Healthy-ish] Seafood Salad

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[Skinny] Protein Frappuccino 

Skinny, energizing, and high in protein! This frappe is perfect for weekday breakfasts!This not only keeps you full for hours but also adds that extra kick we all need in the morning! And it’s sooooo delicious. This literally takes about 2 minutes to make. So if you’re perpetually late like me, then you’ll love how… Continue reading [Skinny] Protein Frappuccino